Mother אִמָא

Many times, I heard from Senior Pastors: “I worked on this week’s Sermon all week long. Something happened today and my heart is leading me to talk to you about something I had no time to prepare for.”  The topic for today’s message on this blog was different, but something happened today and my heart led me to write to you about something I had no time to prepare for.

Surprisingly, today has been a day that the word “Mother” has been perceived by my ears more than 3 times in different occasions.  It is almost time to celebrate the Birth of Jesus Christ.  Therefore, today we could be celebrating the fact that Jesus was alive inside the womb of a woman who did not choose to be who she ended up being; the mother of “God’s only begotten Son” (Jhn 3:16); “The Son of Man” (Mat 9:6);  “The Savior of the world (Jhn 4:42); “The Way, the Truth, the Life” (Jhn 14:6).  Mary, or in Aramaic; Maryam, deserves all the attention she gets around the world by millions of people. God chose Mary for a reason and so were mothers of all ages of all generations.  As Supernatural as it may sound to you, the love of a mother can remain forever in the heart and mind of a loving cheerful man triggering inmost feelings when approaching to his deceased mother’s tomb.

Where is the connection between the love of a deceased mother, the love of a living mother, and the love of Jesus Christ’s mother? Somehow, they seem to be the same and act as one.  My mother still lives. My husband’s mother passed. Mother Mary seems eternal through the Love that Jesus Christ conveyed and the prayers of millions of people around the world. The three of them seem alive and connected to the understanding and purpose of a child’s life and an adult’s journey.  Today, I witnessed the love of a deceased mother touch the soul of The Poet in a glimpse of an eye.  Life and death seem inseparable and so seems the eternal love and compassion of the Mother of Jesus Christ.

Mother, mother, mother of mine, mother of yours, mother of God.                                               Mother of all generations, mother of the future, mother of the past.                                             Your love is yours, your love is mine.                                                                                                           I am from you. You are from God.

As we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, remember the womb that carried Him and the love who cared for Him while He was a child.

No matter who and what you are in the world, at some point, your Mother had you in her arms.

Blessings to all my beloved children.

Rev. Jeannie Franks.




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