The Infamous Mark

God, bless the reader as he or she goes through this post. I thank you Father for the blessings of this page and for the Holy Spirit within me in the midst of typing the words present here today. In the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Amen.

So you believe or heard about a mark to be placed in the forehead or right hand in years to come. You heard that the mark could be a number 666 or a chip implanted in you. You have probably heard of an AntiChrist related to such mark and, most likely, you also heard that if you do not take the mark, you would perish or be isolated from all human rights.  Dear reader, keep reading because you are about to discover something you may have never thought of.  What you are about to read may give you the perspective that will set you free and move you closer to living with dignity and in peace.

It is common knowledge that human beings are creatures of habits.  It is also known that what it is in the mind directs someone’s actions. What it is in the right hand of a person influences the life of that person.  Why the Forehead? Why the Right Hand?  The forehead, most of the time, represents the place where thoughts dwell and decisions are made before they are put into action.  In regards to the Right Hand, well, have you heard anyone say: “He is my right hand in my company” ?   If anyone ever announces you or say you are that person’s right hand, that means that person have complete trust in you and you have the ability to influence that person.  In other words, whoever or whatever you let in your mind and whoever you consider you right hand will influence the decisions you make and the way you live your life today.

You may already have a Mark in you and you do not even know it. How so? What are your habits today? Are your habits helpful to you or are they making your life miserable?Are you a positive person persevering and not giving up your dreams or are you too comfortable or addicted to something or perverted in a way that you do not realize your life is moving no-where? Are you part of a loving family or are you on your own believing that no-one loves you? Are you having dreams or nightmares? Are you happy to be alive or are you thinking about dying most of the time?  Is technology a tool you use to advance and prosper in life or a way of life to you?  Do you prefer natural roses or digital ones?  Are you waking up motivated or waking up not knowing what to do with your life?  Is the place where you live a mess or do you keep it neat and organized? Are you happy with who you are today? Do you have faith in Jesus Christ?  Why am I asking all these questions? Because the 666 might already be part of your daily routine and you do not even know it.  The 666 does not need to be stamped in your forehead nor stamped in your right hand, nor a chip needs to be implanted in order for you to realize if you are walking on the 666 bridge or the 888 one.  Do you want to have a better idea where you are today? Answer the question above. Know that those are only a few basic questions anyone can answer.  Do not feel bad if you find out that you might be walking on the 666 bridge. Now-a-days, probably, most people are and you have been going with the flow not recognizing it.  There is a way to switch from bridge 666 to 888.

WHY 666?

Biblically, it is known that 666 is the Mark of the Beast and number six also relates to the number that represents man.  Both beast and man where created on the 6th day according to scripture.

And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth. (Gen 1:26).

Also, when scholars perform their biblical research, many have the discipline to check the value of the words by checking the number assigned to that word in the dictionary of “Strongs” or a Lexicon.   According to Thayer’s Greek Lexicon,  G666 refers to absence. This Strong is found in  Phillips 2:12 and it is linked to the absence of God.  Not having God in your life is not having the truth in your life.  What if you have a god in your life but Jesus Christ is not part of it?  Then, I would ask you: do you believe in Salvation? and if so, how do you think you will obtain it? Do you believe you have been forgiven of all your wrongdoings?  Are you advancing in life with peace in your heart and mind?  So, who is God? According to Book of Genesis, God is the creator of all things, including the Heavens, the Earth, and Man.  In the Old Testament, God is the Shield, the Almighty. God is the founder,  developer, and Director of the Law.  There is nothing hidden to God. Where you are at, God knows. It is up to you to also recognize it and know that all your good and all your not so good are known to God even when they are only in your mind. For it is written in Hebrew 4:13 Neither is there any creature that is not manifest in his sight: but all things are naked and opened unto the eyes of him with whom we have to do. In other words, there is nothing hidden to God, nothing, not even the good you did without telling anyone. God knew it then, God knows it now.

The 666 bridge could be seen as the road to experience stigma.  If you notice, in the Bible, the number 666 is not present. In Rev 13:18 (KJV), the words Six hundred and threescores and six  are written instead. The word “Threescores” means 3 x 20.  As you can see, no 666 is present in the entire Bible. The idea of 666 seems to have come from an interpretation during the times of Nero Caesar; an Emperor perceived as evil by many during his reign. In Hebrew, when adding the numeric value of Nrwn Qsr adds to 666.  Remember, the Bible was originally written in Hebrew, Greek, and Aramaic.  The interpretation of the Hebrew language, back then and now, relies on the meaning and numeric value of each letter of its Alphabet. This is why, when reading an interpreting the Bible’s Old Testament, the reader has to take into consideration the place, frequency, position, and numerical value of each letter in each word. We are blessed that many before us have dedicated their time to figure these things out so today we do not have to spend so much time trying to translate each word from the Old and New Testament of the Holy Bible. We still do though. Since reading the Bible is a unique and personal experience, it is always exciting to notice a new connecting point.

Now you know that 666 is more about the state of mind than anything else.  Nor a stamp nor a chip will represent the infamous Mark of the Beast.  Even if the population of the Earth  changes the way  business and the day to day living are conducted, the 666 is in your mind and spirit nor in a stamp nor in a chip. Also, choose wisely who you want to have as your Right Hand in life, in business, and in play time. Once you declare somebody or something your Right Hand in anything you are involved in, you are giving keys to that person or thing the right to influence the treasures of your mind.   It is written:  Mat 6:21 “For where your treasure is, there will be your heart also. ” Guess what, your heart listens to your mind too. Your mind and your heart are a team.  In order to stay away from the 666 bridge, your mind has to be in sync with your righteous heart.  Pray as you discover where you are at in your life. Remember, no matter where in the  666 bridge you are at, there is always a way to get to the 888 one.

WHY 888?

The sum of the greek numerical value of the name of Jesus is 888. Why Greek? Because Jesus is evident in the New Testament which was originally written in Greek. Also, theologically,  Jesus resurrected on an eight day. The number 8th in the entire Bible seems to be always linked to resurrection, new creation, regeneration. It is also interesting how the number eight is very similar to the Infinite Symbol.  Theologically, Jesus is perceived as the living water that never runs out. This is why no matter how long you have been on the 666 bridge, you can always decide to take the 888 bridge and mark yourself saved, just like many mark themselves safe on Facebook when a dangerous event happens in the local area they live in.  Through social media, many are mentioning the approach of  Apocalyptic times.  Those embracing Apocalyptic thoughts are missing the opportunity to walk on the 888 bridge where they can be alive in Jesus Christ and where love conquers all unveiling to the mind the forgiveness of all wrongdoings and the promise of living a more joyful life that not only last your entire lifetime but also strengthens the inner spirit, the mind, and the body in such a way that no medication will ever do when compared to what faith in Jesus Christ does.  Instead of having the Mark of the Beast on your forehead, everyone has the opportunity to keep his or her forehead so clean that no stamp or chip will interfere with his or her natural joyful life.  As you can notice, the 888 bridge also has to do with the state of mind and who it is chosen as the Right Hand.

Besides the link of 888 to Jesus, when reading through Genesis, it is noticeable that God saves 8 people on the Ark in order to prepare them for the New Beginning of Mankind after the flood.  1 Peter 3:20 who formerly did not obey, when God’s patience waited in the days of Noah, during the building of the ark, in which a few, that is, eight persons, were saved through water.   Know that water, in theological terms, is also understood as Baptism.                       1Pe 3:21-22 Baptism, which corresponds to this, now saves you, not as a removal of dirt from the body but as an appeal to God for a clear conscience, through the resurrection of Jesus Christ, who has gone into heaven and is at the right hand of God, with angels, authorities, and powers subject to him.    Do you see now who God decided to have as His Right Hand?  God is Almighty and all powerful. However, even God made the decision to have Jesus Christ as His Right Hand.  Who are you selecting as your Right Hand? If you are walking on the 888 bridge already, I am confident that you have a righteous Right Hand.

Thank you for reading. Please, feel free to post comments, share this post with other scholars, friends, family and make it a conversation among the people you hang out with.

God bless you, protect you, your mind, and your Right Hand as you continue your journey in life. It is my prayer that you choose to be on the 888 bridge.  Feel free to post your questions here if you are not sure yet which bridge you should be on for the rest of your life.


Presented to you on this day of our Lord 2017.

Rev. Jeannie Franks

6 thoughts on “The Infamous Mark

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  1. I like this I am glad you wrote this I know who is my right hand and he helps me a lot with things that I think I can’t deal with he makes me strong very good post enjoyed reading this. God Bless You Jeannie

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  2. Since Numbers are a BIG Piece of MY uNDERsTANDINGaLL< i Really appreciated reading the Numbers from a different perspective. The Message is RIGHT on Point for Me and My Staff. For We have all ready Developed Certain Topics Around Your Writhing of the Mark.

    I cant wait to Share Them With You!

    Just to let You know, We here at THe PoeT, USA have an even DEEPER UNDERSTANDING of the WORD!

    Once again, I Thank You for Your Insight and Your Spirit Filled Atmosphere.

    May GOD Continue to BLESS You and Your Ministry!

    THe PoeT, USA Staff and Myself Wish You 'THE BEST'

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