The Light is Always On

“The Light is Always On” is a work of art created with Pastoral Care in mind. As an airman myself, I remember the first base I was stationed at. I did a training that lasted 90 days. Although it took place at a Reserve base, a full-time Chaplain was available. The light at the Chapel was always on.   Walking around base knowing that the light was always on created some kind of comfort because I knew there was always a place for prayer or spiritual connection.  I believe the presence and Chaplains’ ministry in the Armed Forces are an integral part of a soldier’s development of an overall resilience.

“The Light is Always On” was created having in mind faith, the availability of Chaplains in pluralistic settings, the complexities of the human mind and spirit, and the importance of the Spiritual Pillar as a component of the overall resilience of a human being who is also a trained soldier.
In this painting, a military member stands at the door under the light and knocks.  “The Light On” signifies the conscious presence of faith. The door represents the physical place of worship where the person who will open is a minister of the particular faith the military member seeks to see and talk to. Colors and shapes around the military member represent the complexity of a possibly compartmentalized state of mind and possible invisible wounds.
May “The Light be Always On” everywhere our troops train and serve.

It is good when “The Light is Always On.”

May we all continue to protect the 1st Amendment of the US Constitution.

May “The Light be Always On” everywhere our troops train and serve.

Framed Painting

"The Light is Always On."
 12" x 15" Mixed-Media on Canvas
 Art Work by Rev. Jeannie E.Franks-Belgrave

#Light #Faith

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